Packing and Shipping Supplies

Here at Greenwood Moving & Storage, we pride ourselves in providing all of our customers' needs, and we provide a full range of packing and shipping supplies. Please find below our list of items that we sell. Our experience in moving and packing has given us the knowledge to provide packaged kits as well. These convenient kits are also at discounted prices. Have questions or want to order?

Don't hesitate to call us at 317-882-0190 or feel free to contact
us via email here.

Box 16”X12 1/2”X12 1/2 (1.5 cubic ft.) For books, tools, tapes, paper, figurines $1.50

Box 18”X18”X16” (3.0 cubic ft.) For sheets, pots, pans, small appliances $2.50

Box 24”X18”X18" (4.5 cubic ft.) For blankets, pillows, toys, baskets, lamp shades $3.00

Telescoping Carton For lamps, golf clubs $4.00

Dish Pack (with cell dividers) For 16 place setting of cups, glasses, plates, bowls $12.00

Wardrobes (4' tall 2' wide) New $15.00 or rental/moving day only $5.00

Packing Paper 25 pounds $25.00, 10 pounds $10.50

Bubble Wrap 175 ft. roll Perforated every 12 inches $18.50

Styrofoam Peanuts 14 cubic ft. bag $30.00, 1.75 cubic ft. bag $4.00

Quilted Paper Pads $3.50

Tape 55 yards $1.50, 110 yards $2.50