Need to Simplify Your Move?

When you have to pack up and move, you'll surely feel overwhelmed. Between packing, arranging move-in dates, contacting utility companies, and driving a big truck, moving can become an all-encompassing endeavor, occupying weeks of your life. Thankfully, moving does not have to be this way. You can simplify your move with these seven tips.

1. Host a Yard Sale First

Packing and moving items you no longer need is a waste of time. The easiest way to get rid of extras is to have a yard sale a few weeks before you move. Advertise your yard sale online to boost attendance. Donate any items that do not sell to charity, such as the Salvation Army or a local woman's shelter.

2. Ask Friends for Help Well in Advance

Many hands make for light work. But if you wait until the last minute to ask your friends for help, they may be too busy to help you move. Reach out to your friends at least two weeks before your moving date, and be specific in your request for assistance. Let them know exactly what time you need their help and what tasks you need them to perform. Offer to provide a meal when the work is done; friends are easily enticed by pizza.

3. Use Uniformly Sized Boxes

Stacking boxes, both in the moving truck and in any storage unit you happen to rent, is a lot easier when your boxes are uniform sizes. While you may be tempted to collect any free box that comes your way, you will benefit when you pay a little more for actual moving boxes. Buy some small, medium, and large boxes so that you can put the heaviest items in the smallest boxes. Keep your packed boxes under 50 pounds for safe lifting.

4. Pack One Room at a Time

You'll feel a lot more accomplished if you pack one room completely before moving on to the next room. Make a list of rooms and cross them off as you go. Making that check mark helps you feel as though you're making progress, which keeps you from feeling overwhelmed.

5. Clean as You Go

Cleaning the whole house can seem like a monumental task, but if you break it down into chunks, the project becomes much more approachable. Try cleaning each room as you finish packing that room. For instance, when you finish packing the bathroom, clean the bathroom. After you pack the master bedroom, clean the master bedroom.

6. Hire Movers

Driving a big moving truck is the most stressful part of moving for many people, especially if you're used to driving a much smaller vehicle. Movers who load and drive the truck are more affordable than you might assume, and the help is worth the cost. You don't have to worry about lifting your heavy sofa or navigating the highway in a 20-foot truck.

7. Give Yourself Time

Packing, unpacking, and cleaning often takes longer than estimated, especially the first time you move. The whole experience will be less stressful if you allow for a little time buffer in your plans. Move into your new place at least a few days before you have to start work or the kids have to start school. This way, if you fall behind in the moving process, you can take your time to finish up.

If you follow the tips above, you will feel less overwhelmed while moving. You'll be settled in your new place before you know it. Contact Greenwood Moving & Storage if you're looking for a moving team in the Greenwood area. We offer free estimates, and we even carry moving and packing supplies.

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